DJ J-Love-Foxy Brown “Nana Stay Ill”

Ari Allon
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One artist who has really never been heard from on Hip Hop mixtapes is Foxy Brown. Foxy is a female OG if there ever was one. Coming up in New York, she got popular rapping with Nas and Jay-Z. She was part of the classic hip-hop supergroup The Firm (who’s album Dr. Dre produced) with Nas and AZ and Cormega. She has jams with DMX, Jay-Z, Nas, Redman, and many other hip-hop heavyweights. She has been incarcerated multiple times due to problems with other people in the street.

This new Mixtape from DJ J-Love features the absolute best of Foxy Brown. Classic bangers like “Ain’t No Nigga” with Jay-Z, “La Familia” with Cormega Nas and AZ, “Affirmative Action” with Nas AZ and Cormega, and my old classic joint “Friend” with Puff Daddy. This whole mixtape is stuffed full of bangers.  There is really not many jams lacking from this mix. When I hear it, it makes me miss the time when Foxy was killing em out here. She always had a very original style of her own.  Props to one of the original queens of hip-hop….

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