DJ Smooth Denali-”That Was Hip-Hop 1996″

Ari Allon
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The DJ who creates the hands-down best old school/throwback mixtapes is undoubtedly my man Smooth Denali. His mixtape catalog is DEEP, and he has a special gift for putting together mixtapes that flow perfectly, like many great albums do.  His “Hip-Hop Classics” and “R&B Classics” series have been around forever, and they are still regularly being added to with more great volumes.

This newest Smooth Denali mixtape, “That Was Hip-Hop 1996″, brings back the hip-hop landscape that was 1996. This was back when New York was still huge, and artists like Lil’ Kim, Nas, and Mobb Deep ruled the game. This whole mixtape is great. Standouts include the throwback Jay-Z “Friend or Foe” (which takes me WAY back), Nas “I Gave You Power” which tells the story of a gun from the gun’s eyes, the oft forgotten “Luchini (AKA This Is It) from Camp Lo, and the fantastic “Fast Life” from NY veteran Kool G Rap with a little help from Nas. When listening to this one, you can almost see the Avirex leathers and Timbo boots…. Click here to purchase DJ Drama mixtapes

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