“R&B Jumpoff”

Ari Allon
I am the owner of Arismixtapes.com. I am also a certified expert in hip-hop music & lifestyle.

One series that has easily stood the test of time is the fantastic “R&B Jumpoff” series.  R&B Mixtapes have never dropped with the regularity of Hip-Hop mixtapes, as there are many more hip-hop artists and they seem to be more into the exclusive game . However, a good R&B mixtape is worth it’s weight in gold. Artists who have become huge from the mixtape game include Trey Songz, Jaheim, Miguel and Chris Brown, just to name a few.

This newest edition to the “R&B Jumpoff” series features the absolute best of the new R&B for the Christmas season 2011. New cuts like “No More” from LL Cool J and Ne-Yo, the brand new “Body To Body” remix from Ace Hood with Chris Brown, Rick Ross and Wale plus the outstanding new Rihanna and Jay-Z track “Talk That Talk” make this a mixtape worth picking up. Add new joints from Drake, Beyonce, Robin Thicke, Mary J Blige, Bobby Valentino, NeYo and many more and you have a recipe for success. Click here to purchase Mixtapes

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