“R&B Jumpoff”

Ari Allon
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One of the best R&B mixtapes series to ever come out, and still going strong after literally YEARS, is the “R&B Jumpoff” series. These joints bring you the best of the new R&B, and I mean the absolute freshest. I have heard great songs, like Usher “DJ’s Got Us Falling IN Love” literally a month before it ever hit the radio. So if you want sushi-fresh R&B, look no further. Though I am a hip-hop fan through and through, the occasional R&B brings a nice change on a Sunday afternoon.

This mixtape is great all the way through. Opening with Miguel and Big Sean’s “Quickie”, Wale with Miguel “Lotus Firebomb”, and the excellent Wale with Rick Ross “Best Nite Ever”. Throw in new joints from Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and an excellent Young Money new one “Still Got It” from Tyga and Drake, as well as Cassie, Estelle, and my girl Rihanna. Definitely keep an eye on these, as they continually drop (at least once a month) and you can listen to them for years and they always sound brand new. Click here to purchase Trey Songz mixtapes …..

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