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"Bands A Make Her Dance Vol.4"DVD "Bands A Make Her Dance Vol.4"DVD $9.99 Buy Now
"Bloccs, Projects & Entertainment Vol.1"DVD "Bloccs, Projects & Entertainment Vol.1"DVD $12.99 Buy Now
"Bloccs, Projects & Entertainment Vol.3" DVD "Bloccs, Projects & Entertainment Vol.3" DVD $13.99 Buy Now
"Block Muzik Radio 14" (Pre-Order) "Block Muzik Radio 14" (Pre-Order) $5.99 Buy Now
"Bricksquad 2K15" "Bricksquad 2K15" $5.99 Buy Now
"Chiraq 6" "Chiraq 6" $5.99 Buy Now
"Down & Dirty R&B 83" "Down & Dirty R&B 83" $5.99 Buy Now
"Drug Dealer Muzik 2" (Pre-Order) "Drug Dealer Muzik 2" (Pre-Order) $5.99 Buy Now
"For The Grown Folks Vol.2" (Pre-Order) "For The Grown Folks Vol.2" (Pre-Order) $5.99 Buy Now
"History Of The South Vol.4" "History Of The South Vol.4" $3.99 Buy Now
"Hot 107.9 Vol.28" (Pre-Order) "Hot 107.9 Vol.28" (Pre-Order) $5.99 Buy Now
"I Love ATL" "I Love ATL" $2.99 Buy Now
"MTV Jams Top 20 Vol.14" "MTV Jams Top 20 Vol.14" $5.99 Buy Now
"OVOFest-The Mixtape" "OVOFest-The Mixtape" $5.99 Buy Now
"R&B Addiction Radio Vol.14" (Pre-Order) "R&B Addiction Radio Vol.14" (Pre-Order) $5.99 Buy Now
"R&B Jumpoff-May 2015" "R&B Jumpoff-May 2015" $5.99 Buy Now
"R&B On Demand Vol.13" (Pre-Order) "R&B On Demand Vol.13" (Pre-Order) $5.99 Buy Now
"Rich Gang Vs. Young Money" "Rich Gang Vs. Young Money" $5.99 Buy Now
"Something For The Radio-May 2015" "Something For The Radio-May 2015" $5.99 Buy Now
"Southern Slang 12" (Pre-Order) "Southern Slang 12" (Pre-Order) $5.99 Buy Now

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There is really nothing like a good mixtape, is there? Whether you are in for a long drive or preparing to hit the gym, a good mixtape provides the soundtrack to your life and just seems to make everything a little easier. Nowadays the Mixtape industry is at it's peak. Hot artists like 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and French Montana have seen their careers blow up off of the time and work that they put in to craft the absolute best mixtapes. But let's not forget about classics like Eminem's "Invasion" mixtape or DJ Drama and Young Jeezy's "Trap Or Die". These masterpieces paved the way for current artists to use promotion to reach the mainstream and gain new fans.

So where did the Mixtape originate? It started in New York City, back in the early 1980's, when hip-hop was just really getting started and was mostly performed outdoors. DJ's of this era started to make cassette tapes featuring artists like Run DMC, and these Mixtapes would have all kinds of exclusives, freestyles, and live flows. When neighborhood hustlers really wanted to show that they were a major player on the scene, they would throw a few hundred dollars to the DJ for a "shout-out" and their name would be mentioned on this very exclusive mixtape. So then everyone who heard it heard their name shouted out and they got their respect. This is how the mixtape and the shout-out (or "drop") originated.

We here at Arismixtapes.com are glad to be your favorite provider of every official mixtape, and we always work hard to keep you up-to-the-minute with the absolute newest, hottest unreleased material from your favorite artists. We also write a blog, where we review tons of mixtapes, and this can really help you get turned onto some new material that you may not have heard otherwise. We are die-hard hip-hop fans just like you, and we want you to be well informed about your music. Check out our blog at www.Arismixtapes.com/blog. We think you will enjoy it, and always feel free to comment on the posts. We love to hear your thoughts as well.

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